Tablets, Phablets, Smartphones and so on, these gadgets seem to overwhelm the lives of people in some way or the other. Due to the variety of applications these devices offer, people are becoming increasingly dependent on them for all problems, be it big or small. Now many application development companies are coming up who are looking to invent mobile apps for their employees and clients alike.

For those who are currently wandering in the app development field and want to develop mobile app that will enhance the productiveness of employees and make for more informed customers, there are some mistakes that should be avoided at all costs.

These application development guidelines will ensure no mistakes in your programming career:


  1. Reflect on user exp: It should be understood that smartphones and tablets are totally different from desktop pc and laptops and provide a different user experience as well. This means that the same application that is highly voted on a desktop may not work out in a tablet or a smart phone. So an application should just not be directly rooted from a pc to a smartphone without reflecting on the user experience it will invoke.
  2. Integrating Sensors: Most devices today have 3G or LTE, camera, GPS system, Accelerometers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other amazing sensory devices. While making an application, a developer should make the best use of these available sensors and inculcate them in the Application.
  3. Empowering Users: Mobile devices are always kept close and very personal. When developing applications for mobiles make sure that it offers something to empower the users. A well-developed application can make its users be more productive and make their work easier and also enhance team work.
  4. Real-Time Updates: Mobile devices are always with us. They keep us connected with the outside world. A good mobile application can enhance the workflow in a firm and make it more operationally responsive. By incorporating real-time updates in Mobile applications, firms and enterprises can keep their employees well informed about current state of affairs and feeds from third part websites like traffic updates etc.

On the other hand, a developer should never create a mobile application for the sake of it. A mobile application should serve a purpose; an application made without any particular aim in mind is a simple waste of energy and efficiency. Another big mistake mobile app developer should never make is to copy existing enterprise applications. This is just not done, there is already an application for that purpose and aim, why design the same thing over and over again. Lastly, a developer should never design a mobile application like he would a desktop application. The two interfaces are totally different and applications should be designed keeping the user experience in mind.

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